I’m currently visiting Doha, Qatar on a work trip (yes I know, best job ever), and other than work (minor disclaimer incase the state of Texas finds my blog) my main goal was to find a camel.  When Mark studied in Tunisia, he took a picture riding a camel.  When Kyle studied in Morocco, he took a picture riding a camel.  When my dad visited Isreal back in the 70’s, he had a picture riding a camel; stache and all.  Everyone has a camel picture and I just wanted to be in the cool club.

While I didn’t get to ride one, I did find one to take pictures of.  I named her Lola; be nice to her.

Lola was tied up with a bunch of friends outside of the Souk- an outdoor market.  She called to me from across the parking lot, we locked eyes, and the rest is history.  Okay, that isn’t exactly how it happened.  A couple of coworkers pointed the group out to me and then I proceeded to mall walk my happy self to her.  All week I’ve been gushing over how I want to see a camel; they were probably tired of hearing me say it and just happy that I finally was appeased.

Isn’t she a beauty?  She’s a little skinny, but she makes up for it in hump.  Moral of the story: Lola and I bonded, camels don’t make fun of other camels’ humps, and I hope to reunite with her when I return in March.  Attention state of Texas: And the best part is she is going to be featured in a social media campaign for our event, so work accomplished!

I’ll leave you with a quote I think Lola would like: “I didn’t discover curves, I only uncovered them” – Mae West.


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