Sunrise in Doha

One of my favorite things that happened while I was in Doha was my lack of ability to sleep past sunrise (I’m trying a glass half full approach here).  But seriously, watching the sun come up in the morning over the ocean was beautiful!  The sun set around 5:30 pm and rose around 5:30 am; Doha is 8 hours ahead of Texas, and I felt like waking up with the sun was my body’s way of adjusting.

Tuesday morning I decided rather than trying to go back to sleep I would break out the new camera.

View across the beach

Skyline at sunrise

And finally, the best part of waking up at sunrise: breakfast in bed!

Fun fact about this breakfast: I ordered eggs with tomatoes and cheese, both of which came sliced instead of diced and mixed in which I was expecting.  It was delicious!  And then Harry Potter 7 part 1 came on TV, and it was like the stars aligned to create the best morning ever.



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