DIY Halloween: three little pigs

Reason number 100 why I love my job: we had a costume party for Halloween.  Since I’m still the new girl (and the office likes to prank people), I decided to enlist a couple of co-workers for a group costume: the three little pigs.  It was a huge hit!  Below is our finished product: ears, snout, straw, sticks, brick, pink shirts, name tags: pig #1 #2 #3, and a big bad wolf.

To convince them to go along with it, I told them I would provide the snouts and ears.  However, we decided this the Friday before Halloween and all the costume stores were out of any resemblance of pig accessories.  So I resorted to crafting… even though I had sworn off the sport post-wedding.

I found a great blog on Real Simple that gave me a starting point for my masterpieces:

Finished product below: I was really happy with it.

Supply list from Hobby Lobby:

  • (4) 8.5″ x 11″ pink felt
  • 3 headbands
  • (3) 2″ diameter (or there abouts) styrofoam circles
  • 1 package skinny elastic
  • 1 package tiny black fuzzy balls
  • 1 sheet pink glitter foam/felt

Tools I had at home:

  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • ice-pick


  1. Fold pink felt in half hamburger style
  2. cut isosceles triangle ears (7″ tall)- it makes 2 since the page is folded
  3. bunch the short end on the triangle together, wrap around the headband, and hot glue it down.
  4. do the other ear and let dry


  1. Poke a hole through the styrofoam for the elastic string (using the ice-pick)
  2. String elastic through the hole
  3. cut circles of the glitter pink foam and glue to the top of the circle
  4. use strip of pink felt and hot glue strip around the edge of the circle
  5. glue 4 black fuzzies for each nostril (or to scale for your nose) *be sure it is lined up with the elastic so your nostrils are horizontal.
  6. Dig out a spot for your nose on the back side.  *make sure to blow on it to get rid of the excess styrofoam so you don’t inhale when you put it on.

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