Halloween night: kids, candy, & cameras

This Halloween I went over to a friend’s house to help her hand out candy.  Partly because Mark wasn’t home and I didn’t trust myself with buckets of chocolate, and partly because Lori had already bought the candy.

My favorite costume was a race car driver: a little boy in a plastic car pushed by his parents, with the hood popped open for candy.  There were actually 2 little boys that stopped by as race car drivers, and at first I thought it was the same kid double dipping, but after basically accusing the parents of this I realized it was a different kid… yes that was awkward.

Also, I got demoted to refilling the candy bowls when I got mesmerized by costumes and just started handing out 2 handfuls of candy/kid.

Other fun things I learned on Halloween:

  • parents look at you funny if you have a big photographer camera pointed through the front door taking pictures of cute kids in Halloween outfits (hence why there are no pictures of adorable kids).
  • Kids don’t like dumdums and will give you dirty looks if the handful of candy you give them consists of all dumdums and no snickers
  • When kids over 12 (or who are taller than me) approach you for candy, it’s mutually awkward for everyone involved.
  • Sophie (my dog) will think you are giving candy to her instead of the kids… every…single…. time.
  • When you wear a costume to hand out candy (my 3 little pig outfit) kids will inevitably hurt your feelings (not really, but for the sake of the blog) “oh you’re a big pig” “you’re nose is huge”…. thanks angry bird #500 on the night.

All in all it was a great night.  I ate some free snickers, curbed my baby fever, hung out with Lori, and Sophie only ate 1 tootsie roll.  And I got to play with my new camera.

This is Sophie hiding under the table looking for food:

And Lori’s dog Grace, being beautiful:


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