Self Portrait: black and white mirror

I wanted to take a “cool” photographer photo for my wordpress profile thumbnail…. which of course had to be in black and white.  Below are the results.  All shots are around f/5.6 ISO1600 1/10s.

This is the first shot of the ‘self portrait shoot’.  It wasn’t the best, but I wanted to leave it in to show a starting point.

At this point I thought to myself, maybe I should do this when my hair is straight, but then I realized the frizzy curls are a better representation of my creative side.

Increased shadow in edits- Drama queen.

This focus is still a bit off on this one, but for some reason I loved it.  I think it’s the composition of the shot: the proportions must be right or something…

This wound up being the profile picture winner: the focus even caught the hair frizz.

Finally, one last shot.

This self portrait shoot was a great way to play around with the settings on my camera, and play with lighting.  The lights in my bathroom are pretty harsh, so I turned them off and just went with the natural room lighting.

Sophie was pleased that for once she wasn’t forced to pose for me.  And because I was the subject, I was overly aware of what angles and posing made the subject look good/aka skinny.   But in Sophie’s defense he fluffiness is her best feature.

Lastly, I finally realized how to utilize my manual focus: my lens was still on autofocus, but I had the area selected as manual (in the middle) where I would set, then reset.

One word of warning for this type of photoshoot- it would have helped to clean the mirrors… sometimes my focus would pick up on the smudges.


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