Baby’s First Christmas Photoshoot

Today I had the pleasure of shooting pictures for Miss Rylee’s first Christmas.  She was the perfect little model and has the whole “I’m too posh to smile for you right now” thing  down.  To Rylee’s parents: thank you for letting me photograph your daughter, she’s absolutely perfect; I hope someday you can use these photos to fend off the boys.

Inspiration for these mostly came from Pinterest (and the whole lights behind the bed thing isn’t as easy as they made it look like).  These were all done inside, mostly using natural light from windows, and the Christmas light shots were done in a dim kitchen.

Anywho, I love how these pictures turned out… Happy early Holidays and enjoy:

How we did the sparking light backdrop:

  1. Used a room with lots of natural lighting
  2. Spread out white fabric on top of the bed
  3. Strung lots of Christmas lights on the wall behind the bed (you only have to go midway up the wall, because with the little one you won’t see above it).
  4. Set your f/stop as low as it will go
  5. Get low and close to the baby and or zoom, and the lights will blur in the background.

*White strands on a white wall would work best, but we had green on a tan wall, and you can’t tell in most of the pictures.


5 thoughts on “Baby’s First Christmas Photoshoot

  1. You do realize you almost both let the child get electrocuted and let the child chew on glass. How could you? … Really, though, you know they’re gorgeous photos.

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