New Orleans Jacques-Imo’s: world traveller

While in New Orleans for a work conference, I tried my best to make Mark as jealous as possible with pictures of delicious local food.  Mission accomplished at  Jacques-Imo’s, a restaurant in up-town that offers local flavor and atmosphere.  And by atmosphere I mean a fun “eclectic” (as my co-worker explained it) place to have fun with my camera.

Jacques-Imo’s boasts of warm beer, lousy food, and poor service, but it was anything but.  Well, I didn’t actually try the beer, but the waiter was an absolute sweetheart and the food was delicious.  I had the grilled mahi mahi with spicy green tomato, avocado, crab, and sour cream.  It was to die for!  After dinner came the fun part…While in New Orleans do as the New Orleaners do, so I tried.  I actually have no way of knowing if New Orleans residents actually eat alligator cheesecake, but it was on the menu and looked interesting, so we tried it.

Moral of the story- fun dish but you should try it as an appetizer rather than a dessert.  Think quiche instead of cheesecake, and warm and cheesy, but with a sweet sauce on top.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful restaurant if you visit New Orleans.  It seems like a hole in the wall, but what great find isn’t?  It’s a bit of a trip from the convention center, but the drive is beautiful and well worth it.


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