New Orleans Montrel’s Bistro: world traveller

A blog about New Orleans would be incomplete without a Bourbon Street food entry, so here goes (with a spin of world traveler photography included for free).

We found Montrel’s Bistro at the corner of North Peter and St. Philip Street.  They were making their own creole on the front porch, and the greeter said they were one of the only true Creole families left in New Orleans.  It all sounded like a sales pitch to me, but true or not, it worked on me.

I ordered the jambalaya, and it didn’t disappoint.  It was spicy, salty, meaty and delicious.  I actually finished off the rice and left some of the sausage because I was too full to clean the plate.

The wait staff was a fun crew.  Our waiter was a cute kid, 17 at max, I named him George in my head.  At one point we saw him ride off on a skate board and got nervous that our food wouldn’t come, turns out he had to go get change and was back in less than 5 minutes.  After we ate, one of the other waiters offered to take a picture of us, so George stood beside me and smiled.  On the count of three, right as the waiter was about to snap our picture, George turned, wrapped his arms around me, and kissed me on the cheek.  I thought about getting mad, but he was just so young and cute.  Besides, then I didn’t have to leave him a tip (I don’t pay people to kiss me haha).

And to top off a great lunch, the view was gorgeous.  There was live jazz music that could be heard from the neighboring restaurant.  All in all it was a great lunch!  And Mark wasn’t too mad about the kid waiter, but reaffirmed his decree that I was not to go to Bourbon Street at night.


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