Kaz Family: Christmas Picture Photographer

The next victims of my new found love of photography were my friends Brandon and Christine.  As always these newlyweds were a blast to hang out with, and I left with lots and lots of doggy kisses.  This was my first time to photograph pets besides my Sophie.  There’s a big difference between getting an old lady shitzu (Sophie) to pose for me and getting 2 high energy playful dogs (Dakota and Bogie) to sit still at all.  But it resulted in tons of fun furry pictures that I hope bring you joy.

Merry Christmas and enjoy!

I have high hopes for this picture winding up on a Hallmark card someday.  Bogie has submitted his application as the lead reindeer; he hasn’t heard back yet, but there’s still time.

Christine made this Pinterest project wreath last year, and it was a great prop for the pictures.

This is probably my all time favorite picture to date.  She loves her puppies, but who couldn’t love that face?

It took a little tough love to get the dogs to sit still…

But when they did it made for a picture perfect moment.

My goal was to have Brandon and Christine to walk away and have the dogs look back at me.  It might work better next time if I kept the bag of treats.

Photography Info:

Location: open field in a residential area.  Props: blanket, wreath, bag of dog treats, name sign, and 2 cute furry friends.  Time: around 3 in the afternoon (I absolutely loved the lighting for these pictures).


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