Ashton & Addison: Family Photographer

After a morning with Ashton and her daughter Addison, I was reminded of the magical world little girls live in.  A place where you never get tired, love playing dress up, and the world is just another adventure waiting to begin.  This was probably the funnest (is that a word?) shoot I’ve done yet, we ran, we twirled, we laughed, and then we painted.

And most importantly, I was reminded how AWESOME little girl Christmas dresses are.  To Ashton and Addison, thanks for letting me be a part of the fun.  Merry Christmas, and enjoy!

Starred Photos







Starred Photos1



Painting: We used masking tape to tape off an A for Addison, and then let her go crazy with paint.  Addison had tons of fun, and I hope she enjoys the pictures for a long time to come.

Photography Notes – Location: outside wooded area and my kitchen.  Props: basket, paints canvas and masking tape, and a pair of adorable bows.


5 thoughts on “Ashton & Addison: Family Photographer

  1. She’s such a lovely little girl it makes me want to cry. I love these two together. The way Ashton is with her is so gentle and wonderful. *swoon* Christmas happiness!

  2. I am overjoyed and absolutely astounded at the wonderful gift you have given us Bethany!!! I will definitely always treasure these pictures and memories! 🙂

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