Barkley Family Photos: Christmas 2012

While at home for Christmas, I took a few photos of my nieces and nephews.  One of the best things about marrying Mark was becoming part of his family – which meant gaining two nieces and two nephews; LOVE these kids!

I think it’s a great example of how almost any  ‘backdrop’ will work – you don’t have to find the perfect park or building for a photoshoot (although that helps), sometimes the impromptu ones are the most fun.


Funny faces to losen them up….

Brotherly loveIMG_1568-logo


Note to self: start talking to a 12 year old boy about girls and he will laugh (out of embarrassment) immediately!IMG_1672-logo



Poor Miley was a bit tired and wanted her Mom.  It was too sweet not to capture.IMG_1689-logo


And last but not least, a little father daughter patty-cake to cheer her up = so precious!gary-miley-1222312-logo

Photography notes:

The pictures were taken in their front yard which is in a busy neighborhood, so placement was key.  I lowered the f-stop as low as it would go to blur the background (cloudy day made shutter speed at a low f-stop a little tricky).  All in all it was great training for my photography skills – practice taking pictures of multiple kids (who don’t always like being in such close proximity to each other), practice taking pictures on a cloudy day, practice taking pictures in a busy area, and practice doing everything in 30 minutes.  Main lesson learned is that when you have cute kids, a little sun, and lots of love the pictures will always turn out beautiful.


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