Rylee’s First Birthday: College Station Photographer

This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking 1 year old photos for sweet baby Rylee.  This is my third time to do photos for her, and it amazes me how fast she is growing!  We had fun soaking up the sun, walking barefoot in the grass , playing with balloons and eating cupcakes.  Happy birthday Rylee – your happiness is contagious and you rock a bow better than anyone I know!


The pinterest inspired mirror shots turned out really cute.  My favorite: kiss the baby IMG_3277 copy logo

This next picture is one of probably 100 I have of her running around in the grass.  She had never been barefoot outside in the grass before, so it took a little getting used to, but she warmed up to the idea in no time.  Having to chase her for pictures was a first during this shoot.


This outfit came with a warning on the packaging: OVER THE TOP BOW INCLUDED – I really want to send this picture to that company to include with the warning.IMG_3461 logo

IMG_3497 logo

It was a windy day in College Station, so the balloons were a bit testy but kept Rylee occupied.Starred Photos2

IMG_3651 logo

And lastly we ended the day with a cupcake (it’s my policy to sugar kids up then send them home).  cake-collage

Photography Notes: Location-Bush Library / Props– Chalkboard, Basket, Balloons (with weights to hold them down), 2 bows, and 1 cupcake / Help – The best thing about this shoot was that Rylee and her mom came with back up to help get her to smile (and to help chase her around) – mom, aunt and grandma helped keep Rylee laughing all afternoon.


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