Kandis & Waylon: Katy Engagement Photographer

I don’t exactly remember when Kandis and I became friends, but I think it was sometime between little league and  junior high cheer camp.  It’s amazing how much life and people can change in 10 years; I feel old and sentimental saying this, but seeing my friend so happy with the love of her life brings so much joy to my heart.

To Kandis and Waylon, your love for each is so beautiful and I wish you many many happy years together.  And I CAN’T WAIT for the wedding!

It was hard picking only a few of these… hope you love them as much as I do.

IMG_5896 logo

IMG_6020 logo


IMG_6183 logo

ring logo

IMG_6206-1 logo

IMG_6276 logo

IMG_6331 logo

wall logo

IMG_6425 logo

IMG_6441 logo

football logo

Photography Notes:

Location- around Katy (a school park/pond/research area that may or may not be a no trespassing zone, a beautiful park that Kandis would have to tell you the name of, and downtown “Old Katy”).

Equipment- this was the second ‘real’ shoot that I used my new prime 50 for and OMG I’m in love.  I’d buy it again today.  I sprung for the Canon EOS 50 mm 1.4 rather than the 1.8 and am soooo happy with my purchase.  (Bought on keh.com for a steal).

Edits- this was also my first shoot to use Lightroom for post editing (rather than just Picassa and Photoshop) and it is sooooo much more efficient.


3 thoughts on “Kandis & Waylon: Katy Engagement Photographer

    • No. But actually the sunburst on the train pic is real! It’s amazing what that 50mm can do.
      And I just relooked at these the only thing I used photoshop on for these edits other than putting the logo on was the black and white and that’s because I use an action that makes it creamy, you can do that in Lightroom I just don’t know how. Next time we are together ill let you play with my Lightroom.

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