Steamboat Springs Winona’s: World Traveller

This post is extremely overdue, but after a long weekend of sorts I thought I would catch up on my travel posts.  During the Christmas break, Mark and I traveled to Steamboat Springs Colorado with his brother and a friend.

A few days into the trip, Mark and I went into town for the day to explore, play with my camera, find an ornament for our travel tree, and find something warm to eat.  Which led us to Winona’s Restaurant, a delightful little restaurant in the heart of town who’s Facebook now  taunts me with delicious food posts and pictures on the regular.


We started with hot chocolate, mainly so that I could feel my hands again (I wasn’t made for the cold, I like to dream big about moving cool places where I can sport cute coats for more than 1 month of winter a year, but in reality I’m a southern girl… that likes the Texas heat).  Anywho, the hot chocolate was AMAZING! The kind of amazing that makes you respect people who proudly wear whip-cream mustaches.



Then came the main course.  I was missing Mexican food, as I do if I go more than 50 miles outside of Texas, so I opted for the chicken tortilla soup and half a Turkey Jack sandwich.  The soup had big chunks of fried tortillas in it, making it heartier and more filling than most soups.  But don’t worry, I pushed through and ate the sandwich too, you can’t say no to  toasted sourdough.

Mark got the Gyro with sweet potato fries.  You’re probably thinking this combo doesn’t normally go together, but Mark can’t pass up the opportunity for sweet potato fries.  And they did not disappoint (I stole a couple when he went to the bathroom).


All in all, we loved Winona’s and are so happy we just happened to stumbled in.  I’m thinking seriously of un-liking their facebook page though, because they just make me hungry… and sad I’m a day’s drive away.

Thanks Winona’s for a great (warm) lunch; we hope to see you again someday! Love, The Womacks


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