Sibling Birthday Photos: Family Photographer Texas

During my week of vacation (yes it’s been glorious), I got to do a photo session with Trenton who just turned 4 and his little sister Emery who is about to be 1.  I might have fallen in love with this adorable pair, and I’m excited about seeing them again for more family pictures! Trenton helped me to discover the secret to doing a first birthday photoshoot: bring along a big brother who can make the baby smile by just looking at her.  And like all big brothers, Trenton was 10% annoyed with her, 10% indifferent,  but 100% protective (yes I realize my math is crazy off on this one).  My favorite moment was when he shielded her from a bee so she wouldn’t get stung…. it literally made me want to cry.  Long story short, ditch the toys for photoshoot entertainment, find a big brother.

We started with Trenton’s 4 year old chalk board pics.  He was somewhat shy at first, but that didn’t last long at all.


Then we did some individuals of Emery in her 1 year old tutu.  It was even cuter in person if that is possible.IMG_0782-Edit



Next up an outfit change.  I love these outfits for pictures together; they are great example of how to dress your kids to coordinate in a way that isn’t too matchy matchy.  And what girl doesn’t love lace and chevron?!





The next few pictures make me want to have kids… keep in mind I was the one taking pictures in the Texas heat, and even in 90 + degrees they were adorable!  Trenton was very attentive to his baby sister making sure that she didn’t fall or get upset. So stinking precious.IMG_0942



And then like every good birthday photoshoot there was cake.  We had to bribe them somehow 🙂cake-Edit


Photography Notes:

Equipment: I actually shot this entire session with my nifty fifty (Canon 50 f/1.4). Besides being my favorite lens because of the depth of field  it is the quickest lens I have, and with 2 kids that move very quickly, speed is a necessity.

Location: This was in a downtown area.  I was a bit worried about the houses causing lighting to be an issue, but the shading actually made it very helpful in keeping us cool.  And there were enough areas that we found spots where the lighting didn’t cast any unwanted shadows.

Props: Calkboard, chalk (which we quickly put up so the baby wouldn’t eat it), baloons, rocking chair (which was at house we shot at.. bonus), and a giant cupcake.  I find with kids this little sometimes the less props the better, because it is nearly impossible to keep them in one spot so even if you have awesome props they will inevitably run away from them.

Time: 10:30 am… it’s too hot in Texas for anything later this time of year.


4 thoughts on “Sibling Birthday Photos: Family Photographer Texas

  1. Bethany, what a great post! I really can not tell you enough how happy I am with all of the pictures you took. You captured some really precious moments. I am so happy that we have found our new family photographer!

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