Baby Bump Audri: College Station Maternity Photographer

There are few things in my world right now that I’m more excited about than meeting baby Audri.  Several thank you’s are in order for this post.  To Lori – thank you for hanging out in a tube top and laying in awkward positions for my crazy ideas, and for teaching me how to be a sexy mamma (when that day comes in the distant future).  To Riley – thanks for being a good sport about the pictures; with a little girl on the way I have a feeling this won’t be the last time you are drug around for pictures .  And to my sweet baby Audri – Prepare yourself for lots of love and lots of pictures, your Aunt Boo can’t wait for you to get here!!!!!

The first couple of pictures show some of the nursery.  ATM for Audri Taylor Maxey, yes they did that on purpose (WHOOP!).







Don’t worry, we kept the crown for new born photos 🙂

Below is the product of a crazy 20 minutes trying to get all 3 maxey dogs to sit still for a ‘Maxey girl’ picture.  The trick is a quick trigger finger and dog treats behind me.


Lori and Riley got engaged under the century tree on campus, so they wanted to come back for maternity pictures.

IMG_0042-Edit copy-Edit


Photography Notes:

Lori’s nursery doubles as the perfect photography studio.  I might bribe her to rent it out for other baby pictures.  There is a huge bay window that let in the perfect amount of light.  I shot mainly with my prime 50 (Canon EOS 50 f /1.4) and then opted for my wide angle zoom (Canon EOS 18-50 f/3.5-5.4) for the dog pictures to add more photographable space.  It’s the heat of the summer, so we mainly stuck to inside and then went to campus a little before sunset.











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