My Big Girly Lion: DIY canvas painting

I go through different creative moods, and last week I decided to dig out my painting ‘stuff’.  Result? My big girly lion.  Let me back up a bit… A couple years ago I went to a wine and painting class, loved it,  decided it really wasn’t that hard, and bought the stuff to try it.  In reality it isn’t as easy as I thought, but I went with the theory that when painting abstract there are no mistakes, and when painting with acrylics if you let it dry you can correct it.  So randomly I will scan popular painting class websites for inspiration, and last week it ended with me painting Nahla I mean insert boy lion name here.

Below is the finished product.  I painted the nose pink, told Mark I wanted to name her Nahla, and then he reminded me that only boy lions have manes.  So I tried to cover it up in red but eventually decided he was secure in his girlyness.


Here is the picture in different stages.  I put this up to one, help anyone who might be trying to paint this image, and two to remind people that it always looks scary in the beginning, but when you add some white highlights and the facial features it always comes together.


Next up on the painting agenda: A girl in a backless dress dancing (per Mark’s request).  I think it is a bit too realistic for me, but we shall see.  Oh and he keeps requesting a painting of him fighting a dragon to hang in our room…. yah that will happen someday.


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