Baby Asher’s First 48: Newborn Photographer Bryan TX

Meet my new little boyfriend Asher.  His family frequently finds themselves on the other side of my camera and I absolutely love seeing them grow.  Asher’s big sister Riley was my first ‘photo shoot’ ever… (you can find that throw back jewel here).

Asher was my first ‘first 48’ photo shoot to do, and besides loving it because I got my newborn baby fix, I loved it because there is something beautiful about being this close to the miracle of a new life.  His parents were so happy and proud, and he was so tiny and perfect.

Thanks Candice and Jacob for letting me into your world; you have a beautiful family!







Photography notes:

Lenses: Pictures shot with my 24 mm 1.4 (newest lens/my new favorite; works great in low light and tight spaces – like a hospital room) and my 50 mm 1.4.  No flash; I just used the lighting in the room.  Asher is too small to move a lot, so it worked out just fine.

Timing: I went to the hospital the day after Asher was born in the evening.  Timing was great because most guests were gone, and the baby was sleepy (but I guess a newborn is always sleepy).  So really, timing is up to the mommy and when she feels up to it.


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