The Best Year of My Life

Quick break from photography and travel blogs, for a life update 🙂

One year, One year, One year! Wow that went by faster than I thought it would (obviously, since I’m only 2 months late posting this). Does this mean we aren’t newlyweds anymore?  But in all seriousness, marrying Mark was the best decision I’ve made, and while our wedding day was the happiest day of my life, there have been many days over the past year that rival for a close second.  I’m more in love with Mark than I was the day I married him; he’s the best man I know and I look forward to seeing the amazing things we can accomplish together over the next 50 or so years.


Some of my favorite things over the past year:

  • Waking up on lazy Saturday mornings only to cuddle up and go back to sleep.
  • Spending our first family Christmas just the two of us (and Sophie).
  • Getting used to referring to “my husband” instead of “my boyfriend” in conversations.
  • The day when introducing myself as Bethany Womack (instead of Bowen) became automatic.
  • Having someone to lock the doors and get me a glass of water at night.
  • Seeing Mark graduate and feeling an overwhelming amount of pride.
  • Mark cooking dinner… all the time (it’s amazing!)

Just a quick comparison for fun. Wedding day on the left, 1 year later on the right. Wedding photography by Meg Cady Photography.


Things I’ve learned over the past year/advice for anyone getting married:

  • Sometimes it’s easier to just tell him what you want…
  • The emails can wait until the morning; enjoy the moments you have together.
  • Set aside some time every day to completely unplug and just be together.  This is surprisingly the hardest part (I should take my own advice since I’m on my computer doing this now), but totally worth it.  I learn something new about Mark every day.  And the day he referenced my work colleagues’ names and life stories was a glorious day.
  • Having a small closet that you have to share isn’t fun, but figuring out the most efficient way to pack it together is (75% my clothes, 25% his clothes).
  • It’s okay to not go to family or friend gatherings because you want to hang out just the two of you. You’re a newlywed, that excuse will work for the first year, and honestly that time/those days were very important to me and our relationship.
  • You’ll probably disagree about things or be annoyed with each other, but in an hour when your anger gives way to the overwhelming need to hold each other, give in to those feelings… cry if you need to, then talk through the problem, it’ll be okay.


Shout out to our old lady shih tzu Sophie. Love you Soph Soph!IMG_1993


Special thanks to my neice Jaci for the awesome photography skills.  You rock!


I love you Mark.  Thanks for the best year of my life.


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