Baby Owen & Family: Katy Newborn Photographer

A couple of weekends back I had the pleasure of meeting baby Owen and taking his newborn pictures. His family is very near and dear to my heart: I met his Aunt Lesley in little league,  became best friends with her in college, and have been trying to pass myself off as family ever since. I actually played the organ at Owen’s parents’ wedding,.  Watching them grow (older and in family members) brings me much joy.


I picked this one of the whole family because I felt like the boys were striking the same pose, with their little hands on their faces.

Now introducing the cutest little pumpkin ever.
Baby crochet pumpkin beanie courtesy of Anne Mashek Creations. The hat comes in various sizes up to 12 months.  Owen is wearing the newborn size – the fit was perfect and it was easy to situate the way I wanted it for pictures.  Click here for the iitem listing on ETSY.


The theme of Owen’s room is Alligators.  When I saw his giant stuffed alligator, I knew we had to take some pictures with it. I’ve got a good feeling in a couple years, Owen will be bigger than his furry green friend.




Wide awake and oh so happy!IMG_3854-logo

Mom and Dad settling him back to sleep.owen-parents-1


Now a serious of pictures introducing the most adorable big brother, Reid.  He was so patient and helpful while his baby brother got ready for pictures.  His new phrase of the week was “course not”; I don’t know who taught him that, but it was the best idea because it was so cute I couldn’t get mad at him for saying no.

Me: “Do you want to kiss your baby brother?”
Reid: “Course Not”
Me: “Do you want to give me a hug?”
Reid: “Course Not”
Me: “Do you want to take a picture? Just 1 more?”
Reid: “Course not”
Me: “I’ll give you candy corn”
Reid: “OK!!!”


Reid really likes Thomas the train, so we brought the camera to him.  I’m calling this their first brother play time.owen-train-1

I loved watching the innocent curiosity that Reid had for his little brother, like he hadn’t quite figured him out yet.IMG_3813-Edit


The blog wouldn’t be complete without a picture of Owen with his godmother/aunt/my sweet friend Lesley.
One more up close black and white to melt your heart before you go…

Photography notes:

Location: onsite at the family home
Lenses: 24 1.4 & 50 1.5
Timing: Owen was 6 days old (which I’ve decided is the perfect time for newborn pictures)


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