My name is Bethany.  I think I have too many thoughts in my head to get good ones out usually, but if you put up with the randomness eventually I’m bound to produce something… worth the randomness.

During the day I market things, very specific I know.  To keep it short I love marketing, and my job keeps me on my toes every day.  Aside from work I like to paint, take pictures, cuddle with my hubby, procrastinate from doing any type of cleaning, etc, etc.  And I consider myself very blessed, because lately more often than not my days consist of a mixture of the above.

In August 2012, I married the best man I know.  He’s not perfect, we aren’t perfect, but when we are together the world seems perfect.  He’s operant conditioning me to tell jokes that he thinks are funny through giving me nose taps: so if my humor doesn’t translate blame him.   We have a sweet sweet old lady dog- Sophie.  She is 11 years old, and only has ‘about 5 minutes of dog-like activity’ in her per day (Mark phrase).  She’s perfect; she completes our family unit.

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